• LC3 Chocolate and Rum

    Although many trendy bars now serve chocolate mojitos, a Swiss and Cuban mix is not obvious. Yet, when it comes to cement, Swiss, Cuban and Indian scientists have tackled one of the world’s lesser known but biggest challenges. As countries develop, demand for housing and infrastructure increases. Concrete is by far the most commonly used construction material to meet these needs, and cement is required to make concrete.

  • LC3 Technology Research Center

    El objetivo general es combatir el cambio climático con la introducción de un cemento "más verde" en América Latina a través del asesoramiento técnico a los productores y la creación de mecanismos para una producción económicamente exitosa.

  • LC3 Technology Research Center

    The overall objective is to combat climate change with the introduction of a “greener” cement in Latin America, through technical advice to producers and the creation of mechanisms for economically successful production.