La Esperanza Project Santa Fé de Bogotá D.C, Colombia

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Colombia is situated in the northwestern part of South America; it has an area of 1.350.000 km2 and 36 million inhabitants.
The shortfall in the provision of popular housing, which is particularly felt among the low-income population, amounts to 1.8 million units. It constitutes one of the main problems of poor people who, however, are hardly ever offered a legal, technical and economical viable solution. Crear Cooperativa is a financial body concerned with urban but mainly with social development, specialized in the creation of tools that enable target groups to obtain loans, and to start saving programs. It aims to assist low-income families to get their own houses.

Housing Development Villa Hermosa in Diriamba, Nicaragua

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The country Nicaragua is one of  the five countries of  Central America,  located in the  tropical area of the  Northern Hemisphere,  the climate of its  southern area being  hot-humid. The  country has some  130,000 km2with a  population of about  4,5 million. Diriamba  is a small town 40  kms south of  Nicaragua’s Capital  Managua. Its great  advantage is the  climate. Located on a  hill in the midst of  coffee farms, it is  much cooler than  stuffy hot Managua  and, therefore, an  attractive place to  live, in spite of its  rather rural setting.

Escuelas rurales en el Sur de Nicaragua

Primera fase 1980-1982. San Juan del Sur.
Segunda fase 1982-1985. Departamento de Rivas.
Tercera fase 1986-1991. Cuarta Región (Rivas, Carazo, Granada, Masaya)

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  • Peter Arndt
    Sociologo, Técnico mecánico, Alemán
    Alemán, Inglés, Español
    Administración y manejo de proyectos, organización social, innovación mecánica

  • Kurt RhynerKurt Rhyner
    Arquitecto, Dr. Prof., Suiza
    Español, inglés, alemán, francés
    Concepción de proyectos, análisis de tecnologías y materiales apropiados para situaciones específicas, análisis financiero, dirección ejecutiva, monitoreo, evaluaciones.



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Horno Vertical Continuo, HVC en Chambo, Ecuador

VSBK, vertical shaft brick kiln
Funcionamiento del Horno Vertical Continuo, HVC (Vertical Shaft Brick Kiln, VSBK) en Chambo, Ecuador